Sveva. 18. Earth (sometimes).

Music. Bands. Gigs. Photography. Nikon D90. Green. Drawing. Reading. Old books smell. Buying CDs and vinyls. Cats. Star Wars. HP. HG. Converse All Star and Vans. Radio. TV series (Scrubs, Sherlock, Hannibal, TBBT). SnK. Green tea incense. Sunny winter days. Fog. Autumn leaves. London. Bass.

The Beatles. Arctic Monkeys. Pink Floyd. The Strypes. The Doors. The Last Shadow Puppets. Jake Bugg. The Black Keys. AC/DC. Queen. Kasabian. Franz Ferdinand. Led Zeppelin. The Who. Clash. Guns'n'Roses. Muse. Tame Impala. The Kooks. And so on.


Katniss Everdeen, la ragazza di fuoco, ha acceso una scintilla che, se lasciata incustodita, può crescere e trasformarsi in un incendio che distruggerà Panem.

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